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Whether you are a player, a worker, or just someone interested in getting involved with the industry, the main place for any female connected to gambling is the Casino Girls website. Here you can find news about the big professional players and casino owners who come from the fairer sex, as well as looking at casino girls that appear in movies and which online casinos are the best ones to play at if you want to get advantages over others. This is a very informative site which you are surely going to love once you start reading the articles!

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  • Pansy Ho’s Macau

    If you are looking for hot casino girls you need look no further than Pansy Ho, one of the hottest women in the industry and the richest woman in Hong Kong right now.

  • Casino Changes Hands

    A new casino deal in Mississippi has led to the purchase of the Silver Slipper Casino by Full House Resorts for $70 million. Casino girls are reminded to keep their eyes out for any new job opportunities that are sure to arise as a result of this takeover, with plans to expand!

  • Casino Jobs Available

    If you are living in the Cincinnati area and are interested in working at a casino, then you could be finding your chance very soon. All of you who want to be working casino girls need to get down to the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati as quickly as you can, because they are currently hiring ahead […]

  • The Best Las Vegas Casinos

    As a very happy casino girl, I am currently planning a trip of epic proportions. I thought about the possible destinations; Paris, Madrid, Tehran. They are all beautiful cities, but let’s be honest Las Vegas is the only place I am ever seriously going to consider for such an amazing vacation.

  • Why Online Casinos? That Is The Question

    In my day to day life, I am often asked by old friends and colleges what I get up to these days. When I tell them that I write a news blog about female gamblers many are surprised, and they are even more surprised when I mention that it’s about online gambling.

  • Number of online women gamblers on the rise

    Who would have thought that in a matter of three years, the number of casino girls who played online casino games in the United Kingdom would be four times more?! Well, that’s what the survey by e-advertising firm Hitwise has confirmed.

  • How to plan financially smart casino gambling vacations

    As much as we casino girls love to go on casino gambling vacations as often as we can, the financial factor behind such a vacation is what keeps us from doing so. There is transportation cost, then come food expenses followed by accommodation cost and then you have to think of the bets and the […]

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S of Poker

    Friends has been one of the most popular American sitcoms of all time. The show became a global sensation right from their first episode back in 1994 right through to the 236th and last episode a decade later. Now if you have been watching the show closely, you will find that there has been a […]

  • Shopping Spree II slot game

    There probably isn’t a single woman in the world who doesn’t like to shop. But on some days you just can’t get out there and have some good old retail therapy. But Shopping Spree II brings all the things that you love right to your home. This game is glitzier and more glamorous than the […]

  • Lady Gaga breaks down while judging So You Think You Can Dance

    It was a shocking moment when guest judge Lady Gaga broke into tears on the sets of So You Think You Can Dance. The poker faced diva was touched by the dance routine by Marko and Allison, set to the Jeff Buckley song, I Know It’s Over. She said the routine reminded her of some […]

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