The Best Las Vegas Casinos

As a very happy casino girl, I am currently planning a trip of epic proportions. I thought about the possible destinations; Paris, Madrid, Tehran. They are all beautiful cities, but let’s be honest Las Vegas is the only place I am ever seriously going to consider for such an amazing vacation.

Aside from budgeting, I will also need to think about what hotel I want to visit, and most importantly the list of casinos to play in. Luckily, most casinos resorts in Las Vegas have very nice on-site hotels and spas, so I could probably make life easier for myself and pick somewhere with everything all in one place.

Whatever my choices end up being, I have done my research and know exactly where to visit on my long weekend trip.

MGM Grand

Okay, let’s be honest here; who could possibly pass up the opportunity to play in the Casino from the same company that brought the world James Bond. The agent known as 007 is certainly a big fan of gambling, especially baccarat it seems (or poker, in the newer films), so I respect his taste whole heartedly.

Caesars Palace

The Roman Empire was well known for its extravagant wealth and opulence, and Caesars Palace lovingly recreates this theme wonderfully well. From the marble columns, right down to the spacious ceilings and sparkling fountains full to the bring with sexy girls. Yes, I’m a completely straight female but I still can’t resist the Las Vegas casino girls, and we all know the saying!

The Bellagio

I have left this one until last, because over indulgence is certainly the most appropriate word to describe the experience you are destined for when you enter The Bellagio casino. With rooms of supreme comfort and style, and a great view no matter where in the hotel your room is located, the Bellagio will soothe your senses, at least until you hit the game floor, where the adrenaline kicks into overdrive!